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About SocksFox is a leading online retailer of only the finest quality socks, underwear and clothing for men, ladies and children based in picturesque Lincolnshire in the UK. At SocksFox we aim to offer our customers a shopping experience where you can buy the top quality brands that you know and trust, whilst offering you a level of individual customer service and product knowledge that only a smaller, highly specialised company can provide.

In 2004 we found that it really was very difficult to buy Falke socks unless you were lucky enough to live in one of the major world cities. This became the catalyst for the creation of as we sought to take Falke socks to a wider audience. Since then we have continued to add new brands of premium quality everyday wearable functional socks, underwear, tights and clothing to our range.

The Brands that we offer are selected because they use only the best quality materials beautifully constructed to create the most comfortable garment possible.

Quality in design and construction

German design at its finest. You only have to think of the worlds finest motor cars: Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, Audi... World icons of stunning German design and craftsmanship. Perfect illustrations of the levels of detail and quality that German designs incorporate.

With a different design of sock for virtually every possible application the Falke sock range is second to none. Many styles feature individual, tailored left and right feet, the range of Casual Socks, Business, Luxury, and Sports socks are all separately designed to acknowledge the different requirements of a sock in various applications, whether in the office or on the Ski slope!

Until you have worn Falke socks it is hard to understand the passion with which Falke wearers will speak! Once you try your first pair, then you will probably be a Falke convert for ever more!

Burlington Socks, world renowned for their iconic diamond pattern argyle designs and the metal Burlington button. Based in Germany and now a part of the Falke group, Burlington socks help create a chic look in conjunction with many casual outfits for both men and ladies as well as being perfect for the golf course.

Doré Doré/Fontaine-les-Grès
Designed and made in France since 1819, Doré Doré (DD) based near Paris are known around the world for elegant Men’s, Ladies and Children’s Hosiery.

Machine knitted, using the finest yarns, Doré Doré utilise high density knitting techniques in order to enhance durability.  Super smooth seams and non restrictive top cuffs minimise pressure points, whilst the high wear heel and toe areas are double reinforced.  All socks are then individually inspected by hand to maintain only the highest quality standards.

With a rich history stretching back in excess of a hundred years, Corgi Socks continue to be made in Wales in much the same way as they were in the early 1900’s. In 1956 Corgi made several pairs of socks, containing the initials ’I.K.E.’ for presentation to President Eisenhower - he responded with a personal commendatory letter of thanks to Mr Glyn Jones of Corgi. 1989 saw yet another distinctive complement, in the award of a ’Royal Warrant’ by his Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales.

Hanro of Switzerland
As with selecting Falke we sought to offer underwear that is beautifully made from only the finest materials. With classic and modern designs that are ,so comfortable to wear Hanro was our standout choice. With ladies and mens underwear, tops and vests, nightwear and more the range of Hanro offers great choice.

Spanx Shapewear
Designed to offer that little bit of help and support to the figure, Spanx shapewear has become a vital addition to virtually every lady´s wardrobe. Although there are now many shapewear brands on the market, Spanx really remains the best in our opinion.

Derek Rose
The success of Derek Rose is based on the design, fabric, quality of construction and impeccable presentation of the merchandise. The satin stripe pyjamas for which Derek Rose have renowned worldwide are made from 2-fold yarn in the satin, giving the cloth more depth, a brighter sheen and longer wear. All designs are exclusive to Derek Rose.

SealSkinz® products utilise a unique patented technology to manufacture the ultimate in fully waterproof yet breathable socks, gloves and hats. They have a unique seamless three layer construction – an outer layer, a waterproof yet breathable middle membrane and an inner lining. There really is nothing else comparable on the market that allows you to maintain warm and dry feet, hands and heads whilst exposed to the most extreme elements for long periods of time. Since their launch, SealSkinz® have won much critical acclaim in many fields such as Cycling, Equestrian, Water sports, Motorcycling, Running, and the Military to name but a few. The possible applications are endless. If you wish to remain warm and dry whatever your pursuits or work then SealSkinz® are a must have.

We would like to thank all of our customers, many of whom have re ordered many times since our beginning. Our intentions towards our customers are always honourable, we know how it is to be "standing on the other side of the fence" as a smaller company we retain the personal human touch so lacking with some large online retailers. If we do get things wrong which, unfortunately very occasionally we do, after all to claim to be infallible is not realistic in life! Then we offer our sincere apologies.

Our team at SocksFox would welcome your feedback on our service, the web site, or future product ideas. If you ever seek styles or colours that are not shown on the web site please contact us, we can try to place a special order to hopefully enable us to fulfil your every requirement!

Best Wishes from the team at SocksFox

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